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agosto 8, 2022

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I hereby declare that I hold custody rights over the minor whose medical records I am accessing at this time. Should I lose my rights of custody or guardianship for any reason, I endeavor to inform the hospital to this effect without delay.

All tests are performed on a non-fasting basis, except for the PCR saliva collection for which you must be 30 minutes beforehand without eating, drinking or smoking (see sampling procedure).

The IgG- IgM- result indicates that the disease has not been passed. In case of suspicion of having been infected in the previous 15 days, PCR should be performed if necessary to rule out active infection.

Consult your family doctor or health center immediately in case of a positive test result. Wear a mask, use extreme hand hygiene and isolate yourself at home unless your doctor tells you to go to a medical facility. If you want your case to be followed up at a Quiron Health center, call 901 500 501 to request urgent assistance.

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The RT-PCR tests are based on the direct detection of the virus with extreme sensitivity, unlike rapid tests based on antibodies or antigens, these allow the detection of the disease in asymptomatic stages with a reliability of 99.9%.

Once the reservation has been made with the corresponding payment, no changes are allowed on the same day of the appointment, only cancellations are possible, you can cancel an appointment through our form on the contact page.

The approximate delivery or availability of the test results will take place on the next working day after the nasopharyngeal swab is taken, generally between 14.00h and 16.00h, although for reasons of volume of orders and other similar reasons the delivery schedule can be extended up to 24 hours, that is, until 21.00h of the second working day following the sampling.

The test result must always be interpreted by a physician. Drawing conclusions without the necessary knowledge may lead to misdiagnosis. Whatever the result, you should always consult a physician.

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BEACH CENTER, ACCESSIBLE POINT. VILLAJOYOSA. Address: Avda. del puerto, 38 03570 Villajoyosa (Alicante) Telephone: 966 851 371 E-mail: servicios.sociales@villajoyosa.c om Web:

MUNICIPAL SWIMMING POOLS EL PLANTÍO Address: Calle Camino de las piscinas 05414 Cuevas del Valle (Ávila) Telephone: 920 391 004 E-mail: Web: Panorámica

ZOOLÓGICO DE CÓRDOBA Address: Avda. Del Linneo,s/n 14071 Córdoba (Córdoba) Telephone: 957200807 Web: General Information The Zoo of Córdoba is a park

FLUVIAL ROUTE BY CATAMARAN ON THE SIL RIVER Address: Embarcadero Club Náutico de Doade 27424 Doade – Sober (Lugo) Telephone: 982260196 Web: Outside the pier Information

OASYS PARQUE TEMÁTICO DEL DESIERTO DE TABERNAS Address: Ctra. Nacional 340-Km 464. Exit 376, A-92 direction Guadix 04200 Desierto de Tabernas (Almería) Phone: 950362931 Web:

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The excellent credit obtained by this first initiative of the Gastrointestinal Oncology Group of the AEG encouraged us to carry out the EPICOLON II project, aimed at deepening the molecular basis of hereditary and familial forms of CRC. This second project, in which we have collaborated with the Genotyping Center (CeGen) of Santiago de Compostela (EPICOLON Consortium), has also been a success and has resulted in important publications of international recognition.

The current coordinator is Sabela Carballal. Previous coordinators were Antoni Obrador (1999-2001), Montserrat Andreu (2002-2006), Xavier Bessa (2007-2011), Rodrigo Jover (2012), Francesc Balaguer (2013-2017) and Joaquín Cubiella (2017-2020).

Background & aims: Colonoscopy reduces colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality in Lynch syndrome (LS) carriers. However, a high incidence of postcolonoscopy CRC (PCCRC) has been reported. Colonoscopy is highly dependent on endoscopist skill and is subject to quality variability. We aimed to evaluate the impact of key colonoscopy quality indicators on adenoma detection and prevention of PCCRC in LS.

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