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julio 21, 2022

Specialties offered for 2022

A total of 139 applicants who passed the 2019 Family Medicine competitive examination did not apply for a position or submit documentation | Specifically, 149 vacancies were created in the health centers in the province of León, divided between 89 in the Primary Care Management of León and 60 in BierzoICAL León

A total of 139 applicants who passed the opposition of Family and Community Medicine of the Health Service of Castilla y León, corresponding to the selective process of 2019 for access to the status of permanent statutory personnel, have not applied for a place or submitted documentation. Thus, the resolution of the Regional Health Management (Sacyl), published today by the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) and collected by the Ical Agency, only publishes the award of 562 places.

The Regional Ministry of Health published last January the order to fill 710 Family and Community Medicine positions, of which 401 corresponded to area doctors, who are assigned to a health area instead of a health center. These are professionals who, for the most part, perform continuous care functions, but also substitutes, depending on the needs of each health center. The rest, 309 vacancies, are team vacancies, which means that they will be in a consultation room of a health center. In the end, today’s resolution publishes 273 area physician vacancies, so 128 positions have not been filled.

Mir 2022 date

The lack of knowledge of the language in the Ertzaintza was also the subject of controversy in the Basque Chamber, where this summer EH Bildu went so far as to demand that the agents present their L2 accreditation – currently L1 is required – before applying for the post.

Fernando knows of other cases of teachers who have suffered pressures, threats and depression for working in Castilian, but he sees them as isolated cases. «The conflict is scarce because the teachers have assimilated that they have to teach in Catalan, whether they like it or not. If they don’t, they know there could be reprisals,» he complains.

As for suing for unfair dismissal, as other colleagues of hers have done, she almost rules it out because if she wins, she will be reinstated under the same conditions, but if she loses, she will be left out of the job pool.

«They don’t require it of us, for the moment, although it gives us the same points as having a thesis, and for English they don’t give you anything,» says Laura, a dermatologist who knows the reality in Elda, where the population speaks an overwhelming majority in Spanish.

Places for mir 2022

Today’s edition of the BOCYL publishes the call for 15 vacancies (1 vacancy reserved for people with disabilities) of Architect for the Junta de Castilla y León, corresponding to the vacancies offered in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The deadline for submitting applications will be 20 working days.

The Junta de Castilla – La Mancha is planning to call for positions in different specialties.  We have the best syllabus and online test for your preparation for the competitive examinations of Technical Architect (4 vacancies offered), Agricultural Technical Engineers (8 vacancies offered), Industrial Technical Engineers (8 vacancies offered) and Social Workers (17 vacancies offered).

The Region of Murcia will publish the announcements of different specialties, among which we can highlight:  Industrial Engineers (3 vacancies offered), Technical Architects (5 vacancies offered), Agricultural Technical Engineers (39 vacancies offered) and Industrial Technical Engineers (2 vacancies offered).

If you want to complete the preparation of your competitive examination, subscribe to our online tests of general topics, as well as specialties (Architecture, Technical Architecture, Engineering (Industrial, Industrial Technician, Forestry Technician, Agricultural Technician, Agronomist and Forestry), Social Work, Psychology and Environmental Agent), with thousands of updated questions!

Mir spain 2022

The ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club is made up of ESADE alumni who develop our professional activity in the health sector, and more specifically in the health sectors (primary care, hospitals, social and health care), the pharmaceutical industry and supplier industries.

The Health and Pharma Club has two main objectives: To contribute to the updating of our knowledge and skills by organizing activities on new or current aspects of our sector, and to expand our network of contacts in order to enhance our professional career through networking activities.

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